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You can be the most organized, informed and transformational figure in your company.

Location Logic's IT & Compliance Management platform is the only solution designed to expertly manage all aspects of technology giving you the power to visualize your IT environment like never before.

Simply put, it's Business Intelligence for IT.

Suitable for single properties or global companies, from IT Support to CIOs, the tool will make your data come alive and help you get organized.

The cloud based, unlimited user environment provides easy, centralized and collaborative management of every facet of IT and regulatory compliance.

In addition, Location Logic provides expert services such as data gathering, IT audits / performance reviews and PCI Compliance assessments to further enhance value.

Replace emails, documents, spreadsheets and other distributed information with a single, collaborative source for oversight, reporting and management.

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This module provides, quick, powerful Answers to 100s of critical questions that drive critical metrics and KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) for your business.


Build Custom Reports

Take control of data by choosing any combination of fields to build a custom output. Customize the view, columns and export to a number of different data formats.

Build Custom Reports

Business Intelligence

Through predefined dashboards and reports, quickly view and drill down into critical data sets. Produce results which lead to a call to action and can be easily shared with stakeholders.

Business Intelligence

Circuit & Connectivity Management

Manage all types of connection including Internet, telecom circuits and more. Document circuit details, provider / carrier information and all relevant account information.

Circuits & Connectivity

Credentials Management

Maintain a centralized, secure database of user and admin credentials, passwords and keys. All entries are secured by strong user security and easy categorization.


Document Repository & Contract Management

Upload and categorize contracts, manuals, policies, documentation and more. Set alerts and notifications for document expiry or renewal.


Employees / End Users Tracking

List all employees / end users by location and track their related hardware assets, software and mobile devices for a complete view of an individual's equipment, support calls and more.


Hardware Asset Management

Track, manage and report on all hardware assets by detailed categories. Report on all hardware by type, compliance scope, age, warranty, Operating System and more.

Hardware Assets

Interface / Integration Documentation

Detailed documentation of all interfacing systems and how they communicate by type, direction and more. This module provides complete visibility into which hardware and software assets are integrated.


Identity Management Approval Workflow

Complete 'Request' to 'Approval' to 'Completion' workflow to manage and document the creation, modification or deletion of user IDs for all systems, assignment of equipment and access to data. Designed to meet PCI Audit requirements.

Identity Management

IT Audits & Reviews

Fully integrated IT Audit / Performance Review platform to complete a detailed analysis of the impact of IT across any business. Track issues, risks and report of required investment to resolve identified opportunities. Automatic generation of full report to share with stakeholders.

IT Audits & Performance Reviews

Links / Favorites

A shared list / repository for internal and external links and URLs to systems management sites, account management access and commonly visited web sites. This module behaves as a collaborative set of bookmarks or favorites allowing easy access for all IT colleagues.

Links / Favorites

Mobile Asset & Expense Management

Documentation of all mobile devices with cost and system analytics. Report and view by ownership, device type, expense amount and plan renewals.

Mobile Assets & Expenses

IT Operating Expense Management

Report on all monthly and annual operating expenses by location such as circuits, contracts, maintenance, subscriptions and all recurring costs.

IT Operating Expenses

PCI Assessments / Audits

A fully integrated module for PCI auditing and reporting including the provision and review of evidence to support each PCI requirement.

PCI Assessments / Audits

Sites / Locations

View of all properties, offices and other site types with location details, IT team members, approvers, partners and location stakeholders.

Sites / Locations

Software Asset Management

Insight into all custom, off-the-shelf and remote software, including version tracking, functionality, licensing and compliance status.

Software Assets

Support Calls / Helpdesk

Full support call tracking with helpdesk functionality. Submissions via web or email, multi-tier assignments, automatic notifications, escalation and built-in knowledge base features.

Support Calls

Task Tracking

Log and track tasks, projects and initiatives that cannot be classed as support calls. Assign tasks to individuals and locations and receive reminders, notifications and status reports on task progress.

Task Tracking

IT User Management & Security

Secure management of all IT users in the application. Secure access via granular rights to locations or by specific roles and activities. Track IT colleague training, certifications and experience.

IT User Management & Security

Vendor Management

Oversight of all vendors, providers and partners by type, relationship, location and more. Document contact details of account management and support teams for each vendor.

Vendor Management
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