Apps to exactly fit your business. Made in a fraction of the time and cost of any other method available.

You have data...lots of data. We have a plan.

Too often, businesses have great information but find it stored in silos or scattered places and programs.

Location Logic has a platform that will bring your data together in a central, cloud based application made just for you and help you get organized.

It is fast to develop and low cost. Why? Because we have already developed the underlying architecture to support you with the ultimate flexibility. We're ahead of the game and you can be too.

Replace emails, documents, spreadsheets and other distributed information with a single, collaborative application.

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Migrate Existing Data

Take spreadsheets, databases, documents, 3rd party system information and more and migrate it easily to the Location Logic platform for centralized management, editing and reporting.

Migrate Existing Data

Zero Cost Review

We will provide you with a detailed consultation, orientation to the program, vision of your custom application and guaranteed delivery timing and scope. No obligation and no cost.

Zero Cost Review

Fixed Cost Subscription

You can be sure of your ongoing costs as Location Logic is based on a fixed fee monthly, quarterly or annual subscription, depending upon your needs and business model.

Fixed Cost Subscription

Cloud Delivery

Location Logic is provided as a 100% hosted, secure, redundant SaaS platform. No local hardware or software is required...simply an Internet connection on any device.

Powerful Reporting

Custom, self-built reports are an integral part of every application. Mine data in the way that is most meaningful with an array of options for output.


Every application is secured by multi-layer encryption and physical security measures at our redundant hosting facilities. Granular user control within each solution provides additional security.


Sophisticated alerts and notifications mean enable 24/7/365 visibility into your data as it changes and evolves. Fully customizable, each message can be tightly controlled for presentation and delivery.

Total Data Control

An extensive list of options for data input and output are available including connections to 3rd party systems, local data sources and even local documents such as spreadsheets or text exports.

Unlimited Users

There are no per user fees with Location Logic. An unlimited user model ensures wide adoption across your business by making the solution available to everyone.

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